About Danbort FC

Briefly about our football club:

Founded as a colts club in 1998 as Kasapreko Football Club, it was adopted by  Danbort Company Limited and the name subsequently changed  to Danbort Football Club in 1999. Mr. Daniel Bortequaye (Mr. Danbort) agreed with the colt’s handlers Raymond Dey and founder and player at the time, Evans Adjei Agoe, to run the club as a business. Mr. Danbort then became the bankroller and sole financier of the club.

The club grew from a formidable colts (under 12,14,17), non - amateur side  (division 3) to a professional Division (Division one), all divisions  registered, affiliated with Ghana Football Association (G.F.A) and  are playing in the respective league completions.